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    The Differences Between Business Hosting and Shared Hosting – Part 2

    In continuation of Part 1 of this post, I am outlining the benefits of business class hosting and exactly what you get for the extra money you pay each month for this service, vs. shared hosting.

  • business hosting services
    The Differences Between Business Hosting and Shared Hosting – Part 1

    Starting a business is an exciting time, yet it can also mean a lot of start-up costs. You have been spending money to get your venture off the ground and now you are ready for the money to start flowing the other way. When it comes to your website, you may be tempted to cut corners and pay for the most inexpensive hosting service that you can find. This type of hosting is frequently called shared hosting. You know the companies that offer this. They first came busting out of the gate years ago during Superbowl halftime commercials to market their cheap hosting services.

  • New Year's Resolutions for your website
    5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Website

    It’s a brand new year and the time when most of us reflect on the previous year, attempt to let go of anything weighing us down, and set goals to revamp our lives or business. If you are examining your website and feeling overwhelmed with all the possibilities for change within it, we can help by narrowing your focus to five important areas. 

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    How to Stamp Your Brand Identity Into Your Instagram Account

    If you are on Instagram for personal use the chances are high that you follow at least one of your favorite and trusted brands, if not many. Did you know that roughly 53% of Instagram users follow their favorite brand on the platform? (Source: Buffer) This not only makes Instagram a target rich environment for advertising, but also for building brand identity.

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    25 Ideas for Social Media Posts

    So I hear you’ve committed to a presence on social media for your company? Good for you! Social media greatly increases your company’s reach and allows your prospects and customers to consume and share relevant content about your brand. 

    What’s that you say? You committed to posting daily and now you are struggling to find topics to post that frequently? Never fear. Social media content is hiding all over the place.